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Italian and World Business


Students who wish to prepare for a career in international business may complete:

  • A special major in Italian
  • A professional emphasis in International Business, International Retail Merchandising, or International Agricultural Economics
  • Some form of practical experience related to the concentration.

Admission is by permission of the program director.

Practical Experience

Each Language and World Business student must undertake an internship (490), study abroad (491), or a relevant research project (493) for a minimum of 3 hours (included in major requirements).

Instructions for Receiving Credit for an Internship in Language and World Business:

    • 150-175 hours internship service = 3 credit hours

      Internships require prior approval from the LWB director. Such approval may be obtained after handing in to the director a one-page summary of the proposed internship (which should include contact information for the supervisor and the business or other organization that sponsors the internship). After receiving approval, a student should register for French/Spanish/Japanese, etc. 490 during the semester after the internship is completed (for international internships) or during the semester in which the work is completed (for local internships). LWB students may perform an internship in a language (or a country) other than that of their major (for example, a student in LWB Spanish may perform an internship in China, Russia, etc.). The LWB Employer Internship Evaluation and final paper (explained below) must be completed and turned in before credit for 490 can be received.

      The LWB Employer Internship Evaluation is available to download from below link:

    1. One page (double-spaced) description of the company listing what it produces or sells, how the company is structured, number of employees, countries where the firm is active, etc.

    2. Two  to three pages describing exactly what kind of work you did, with examples. The reader should be given a clear idea of the types of tasks performed. Some students accomplish this by describing a typical work day.

    3. Three to four pages describing how you will be a better business person from what was learned doing the work. What limitations did you discover in yourself? Did you uncover talents you did not know you had? What are some areas you will want to try to improve in yourself to be a better worker? Do you think the job changed you or changed your ambitions about the future?

    4. The final page of the report will be a one-page letter of recommendation of yourself. Try to write it as if it were written by the person who supervised you during the internship.

Additionally, Language and World Business students must consult an advisor in the Department in selecting relevant courses under the Basic Skills and Distribution requirements for the College.

Students interested in the Language and World Business Program should contact the Director or Assistant Director for advising as early as possible in their college careers. The academic record presented will be assessed by the Director of Language and World Business. Minimum requirements for progression to the concentration are a 2.75 cumulative average in the courses specifically required by the College of Arts and Sciences in Basic Skills and Distribution and in the Language and World Business plan of studies, and a 3.0 average in language courses. Language and World Business 199, offered during the fall semester, is a prerequisite for the program. Program standards are adjusted periodically, and current requirements are available from the Director or Assistant Director of the Language and World Business Program.

An application for admission to the program can be accessed at Application for Admission to the LWB program.

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