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Italian Program

Italian Images

The Italian program at the University of Tennessee provides students with an overall view of Italian culture, economy, history, and society. Courses on conversation and composition as well as on Dante, Machiavelli, Italian Opera, women in literature, Italian cinema, etc. expose students to Italy's cultural treasures and current affairs. Italian studies are tailored for students interested in art, literature, music, politics, and Italian business. The major is particularly appealing to students who love to learn and experience other cultures, speak other languages, travel, and wish to work for American companies doing business in or with Italy.

Italian majors, especially those with a concentration on Language and World Business, have a great opportunity to find a job with a U.S. or an Italian company either stateside or in Italy. Students who take advantage of our study abroad programs increase their career opportunities, since most companies prefer employees with the resourcefulness normally associated with life abroad.

Besides our course offerings, the Italian program involves students in activities, such as the Italian Table, the Italian Cinema Series, culinary evenings, the Festa Italiana, immersion weekends, and the Urbino Summer Program.